Simple Rules

Donald Sull’s brilliant Google Talk has garnered only 2,545 views since it was posted on Youtube (8/24/2015). This is just criminal. For one thing, who has ever matched his icebreaker? It hasn’t happened, and it probably never will.

CogEd & Public Speaking?

Barbara Arrowsmith Young has a wonderful TED on Neuroplasticity, which you may or may not be interested in watching – although I highly recommend it. This video is of students at her school for people with learning “disabilities” (not just kids) who have moved magically beyond their handicaps. Left them in the dust, in fact.

But wait! You are NOT going to believe this:

Low and behold, a woman on the panel, using the Clocks exercise, found that it turned her into a great public speaker! From Tongue Tied and Twisted to Sermon on the Mount Charismatic. What a surprise! Zoom forward to 35:47 if you want the bull’s eye first. Too goofy!

We have a tendency to believe that if we want to get really good at something, we need to massively practice that specific thing — but apparently not.

Great product placement for Lenovo.



Open House Season again!

Come practice your public speaking! Tuesday Toastmasters at MIT will hold an open house meeting. It will be more casual and social so that visitors and members can connect over free food and drink. Please feel free to bring friends and family with you to our open house onTuesday, April 28th in E51-057 (Tang Center, room 057) from 6:30pm to 8pm.

Speechcraft session

Two of our members, Kitty Huang and Keesler Welch, will be holding a Speechcraft session in January during MIT’s Independent Activities Period (IAP). The four sessions are open to the community and no affiliation with MIT is required.

Kitty Huang, Copywriter, Screenwriter, journalist and teacher

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required. Limited to 13 participants.

When: (4) Wednesday sessions in January from 6:30pm-8:30pm, beginning January 7, 2015

Attendance: Participants are urged to attend all sessions, although it’s not mandatory.

Where: Building E-51, MIT’s Tang Center, Room 057

Fee: $5 for Toastmasters International Speechcraft Workbook

Speechcraft sessions are short courses in public speaking offered by Toastmasters International for people not wishing to make the full commitment to join a Club.

Class One: Introduction and Speechcraft Meeting

Objectives: Understand the practical use of speech communication and introduce the skills students will learn in Speechcraft. Learn the sessions of a typical speechcraft meeting on Table Topics, Speech Delivery, and Evaluation.

Class Two: The Icebreaker and Introducing a Speaker

Objectives: Begin speaking in front of an audience. Benefit from evaluation to improe speaking skills. Start with self-introduction. Introduce a speaker effectively.

Class Three: Speech Organization and Get to the Point

Objectives: Arrange thoughts into a logical sequence that leads audience to a clearly defined goal. Build a clear outline that includes opening, body and conclusion. Select a speech topic and determine its general and specific purposes. Organize a speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes. Ensure the body, opening and conclusion achieve those purposes.

Class Four: Evaluate the Speaker and Your Body Speaks

Objectives: Learn the listening and speaking techniques for evaluation. Evaluate a speaker. Use gestures and body movement as part of the speech delivery. Explore different ways to use body language. Develop a natural and smooth body movement.

*participants who attend all sessions will receive a certificate.

Sponsor(s): Toastmasters@MIT

Contact: Keesler Welch, E53-307,

If you’re interested in volunteering or signing up as a participant, please contact Keesler